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[edytuj] don't worry about the other hand to grab things with it

John is a disabled person in Britain. He has only one left hand and is paralyzed in bed. Only his right eye can see a ray of light.He did not shut himself up in the dark. He read books and newspapers with the only light God had given him.

He thought that God had given him a glimmer of light, it means that he had not shut the door of hope. He seemed to be waiting for something. What is he waiting for?How this miserable world can bring comfort to him? One day, John was reading a newspaper when he saw an article about a girl in the Coulomb Mountains. Her name was Meliss, 29 years old. She was also paralyzed the same year as him. Only her hands could move slightly.John's heart was touched at that moment, soft enough to drip water. He wrote a letter to comfort her with the glare of her right eye.He wrote, "God has not completely abandoned me. He has given me a narrow glimmer of light, so that I can see you, my equally unfortunate friend." He described his "happy" life to her: "I only have one left hand, don't worry about the other hand to grab things with it." "I lie in bed all day.

I think my past life must have been a lazy man who made a wish for his next life that he would not even have to go out of the house...""Do you want to know more about my happiness?write back to custom necklaces me ��John wrote at the end of the letter.Three months later, Melissa did write, telling him that it took her two months to answer the letter."But what personalized necklace a hard and great project it is. I have found pleasure in it that I have never seen before. I feel the beauty of life." Melissa writes. Since then, there has been an endless correspondence between them. One day, John received a letter, which surprised him that Melissa proposed to him.In order to reply to the letter as soon as possible, John wrote only a few lines with his trembling left hand: "Dear Melissa, you are a brave, intelligent, sincere and lovely girl. I agree with your request, by tens of millions. Honey, when you receive my letter, you will be my wife. I would like to be buried together with you when we die together.."The birth of love was born in two people,who almost thrown away by God. Their lives began to be colorful, and they bid farewell to the era of black and white photographs.

Every day, when the first ray of sunshine came in, John would say to himself, "Good morning, dear Melissa." He regarded all the things he could see as prayers given by Melissa.Every day, when the moonlight climbs to the bedside, Melissa can not help but say, dear John, good night. She regarded everything she could see as a blessing from John. In this way, the love of the couple began a lifelong spiritual love life.They live in harmony in letters. John tells the stories he sees for Melissa, and Melissa tells her feelings for John. If they are divided into lines, the words are all poems of love. Of course, what they say most is still name necklace the common ideal: they can be buried together after death.

John lived until 1994 at the age of 63, and when the news of his death came to costume jewelry Melissa, his wife, Melissa, she died, just like an appointment. People saw merry and satisfied faces on Melissa's face.Kindhearted people buried their ashes together. The tombstone was named https://www.lovmer.com John and the name of Melissa.They depended on each other, and they never left.