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                         Anaerobic Digestion Funding Financial Schemes

Many financial schemes are available for anaerobic digestion funding. Each of these has their own administrators. The Enterprise Financial Guarantee facilitates additional commercial loans to small and medium enterprises. These firms cannot get a normal commercial loan as they have no security or insufficient security. This loan is offered by the Department of Business Innovation and Skills. The next scheme for anaerobic digestion funding is the Anaerobic Digestion Loan Fund. This fund aims at diverting food waste from landfills. Such waste is feedstock in an anaerobic digestion plant. This fund gives anaerobic digestion funding to build the plant. The plants can provide digestate as a fertilizer in the market. Renewable energy from biogas is generated. This is by diversion of food waste and organic waste. This waste is diverted from landfills or less environment friendly operations. eQuip is a fund to help recycling companies lease equipment and machinery. Banks and other lenders do not give funds easily for new kinds of technology. This is because the residual value of the equipment at the end of the lease period is difficult to calculate. eQuip offers a Residual Value Guarantee that helps companies get anaerobic digestion funding. This guarantees the future value of the equipment.

The Accelerating Growth Fund is established for direct anaerobic digestion funding to the company in the form of investment. This is for funding recycling operations being done on a commercial basis. The Enterprise Investment Scheme offers tax relief to investors who buy shares in companies for anaerobic digestion funding. Banks also offer loans for the renewable energy sector. This form of funding is on the increase as this sector is being better understood. Leases and asset finance are also available for anaerobic digestion funding. These are available for parts of the plant. Finally equity investors who work in this sector provide financing.

anaerobic digestion funding

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